Tiff-Tiff (tifferz312) wrote in gilmore_100,

Mod Post

New things:
ok! finally im going to add the 24th theme for the list...it's...laughter. like, funny, comedy, laughing, whatever. i'm also adding this to the list, but I'm making a post anyway.

um, we don't have a lot of members on this community. that makes me sort of sad. i have posted entries in other communities advertising it, but what I really need is for people to sign up for a claim. There are a couple of people who are on this community but not signed up. which is fine, but please make a claim. if you need any help, ask me or girlonthewing . we'd be happy to help you!

anyway , if anyone on this community could make banners or  advertise on their own, that would be awesome.

I think that's about it, please post  all the  icons  you've made every Sunday.  if you can't make it  by  Sunday, then just  ASAP.

Finally, if you wan to contact me next weekend you probably won't get me  since its my birthday next weekend and another of my friends.

thank you!

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